Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

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Journal of Diversity in Higher Education
Volume 7, Number 2
Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

APA and the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) have joined together to publish the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

Multidisciplinary in perspective, this quarterly journal offers insights into theory and research that can help guide the efforts of institutions of higher education in the pursuit of inclusive excellence.

Journal of Diversity in Higher Education largely publishes empirical research focused on issues related to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in post-secondary environments. Our manuscripts address the experiences and outcomes of individuals from underrepresented and underserved communities, focusing on institutional barriers and challenges, patterns of access and achievement, and the impact of engaging with diverse students, faculty, and administrators.

We are also interested in work that explores issues related to teaching and learning, policy development and implementation, and leadership and organizational change in diverse learning environments. We are committed to publishing work that supports efforts to transform institutions, inspire colleagues, engage campus, governmental, and private sector leaders, and articulate culturally competent outcomes.




Kimberly A. Griffin
University of Maryland, College Park

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Editorial Board for the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education

Associate Editors

Patton O. Garriot University of Denver
Deryl K. Hatch-Tocaimaza University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Chrystal A. George Mwangi University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Stephen J. Quaye Miami University

Consulting Editors

Frim Ampaw 
Central Michigan University

Karen Applequist 
Northern Arizona University

Cassie L. Barnhardt 
University of Iowa

Tabbye Maria Chavous 
University of Michigan

Mary M. Chittooran 
Saint Louis University

Jesus Cisneros 
University of Texas at El Paso

D. Anthony Clark 
Arizona State University

Nida Denson 
Western Sydney University

Noah D. Drezner 
Teachers College, Columbia University

Michelle M. Espino 
University of Maryland, College Park

Pamela Petrease Felder 
Independent Scholar

Sharon Fries-Britt 
University of Maryland, College Park

Gina Ann Garcia 
University of Pittsburgh

Leslie D. Gonzales 
Michigan State University

Jeni Hart 
University of Missouri–Columbia

Marlo Goldstein Hode 
University of Missouri–Columbia

Susan Iverson 
Manhattanville College

T. J. Jourian 
Oakland University

Young K. Kim 
Azusa Pacific University

Jioni A. Lewis 
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Chris Linder 
University of Utah

Allison R. Lombardi 
University of Connecticut

Valerie Lundy-Wagner 
California Competes

John M. Majer 
City Colleges of Chicago

Susan B. Marine 
Merrimack College

Steve D. Mobley, Jr. 
The University of Alabama

Susana M. Muñoz 
Colorado State University–Fort Collins

Chrystal A. George Mwangi 
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mitsu Narui 
The Ohio State University

Rachel L. Navarro 
University of North Dakota

Thai-Huy P. Nguyen 
Seattle University

Z Nicolazzo 
University of Arizona

Rosemary J. Perez 
Iowa State University

Meghan J. Pifer 
University of Louisville

Christa J. Porter 
Kent State University

Julie R. Posselt 
University of Southern California

Amy L. Reynolds 
University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Margaret W. Sallee 
University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Anneliese Singh 
University of Georgia

Christine A. Stanley 
Texas A&M University

Michael R. Stevenson 
University of Southern Maine

Stephanie J. Waterman, Onondaga, Turtle Clan 
University of Toronto

Michael Steven Williams 
University of Missouri

Kate Winter 
Creighton University

Roger L. Worthington 
University of Maryland, College Park

Christina W. Yao 
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Fanny PF Yeung 
California State University, East Bay

Travis T. York 
Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities

Ximena U. Zúñiga 
University of Massachusetts Amherst

JDHE is a joint publication of NADOHE and the American Psychological Association.