NADOHE 2009 Conference
February 9 - 11
Washington, D.C., Omni Shoreham Hotel

Achieving Academic Excellence Through Diversity and Inclusion


Monday, February 9

  • NADOHE Board Meeting: BOARD MEMBERS ONLY (8:00 AM - 12:00 PM) - Council Room
  • NADOHE Conference Leadership Institute (2:00 - 5:00 PM) - Blue Room, East Lobby

    Inclusive Excellence: Challenges and Opportunities 
    Panelists will present a critical reflection on the three archetype structures for designing the Chief Diversity Officer function. Researchers, Damon A. Williams and Katrina C. Wade-Golden identify these structures as the Collaborative Officer model, the Unit-Based model and the Portfolio-Divisional model. Decisions regarding design and implementation strategies on particular campuses will be discussed.

    Paulette Granberry Russell; Senior Advisor to the President for Diversityand Director, Office for Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives, Michigan State University, Conference Co-Chairperson - Moderator

    Shirley Ramirez; Vice President for Institutional Planning & Community Engagement, LafayetteCollege

    Michael J. Tate, Vice President, Student Affairs, Equity and Diversity; WashingtonStateUniversity

    Archie Ervin, Associate Provost and Director, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs: UNC, Chapel Hill

    Wendy J. Thompson, Vice Chancellor, Access and Diversity; Tennessee Board of Regents

  • Celebrating Diversity - CAREE Reception (6:00 - 7:00 PM) - Blue Room, East Lobby; Sponsored by Johnson Control, Inc.


Tuesday, February 10

  • NADOHE Business Meeting Breakfast (7:00 - 8:00 AM ) - Palladian Room, West Lobby

    Benjamin D. Reese, Jr.; Vice President for Institutional Equity, DukeUniversity, Conference Co-Chairperson - Welcome

    Paulette Granberry-Russell;  Senior Advisor to the President for DiversityandDirector, Office for Inclusion & Intercultural Initiatives, Michigan State University, Conference Co-Chairperson - Opening Remarks

    William B. Harvey; Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity, University of Virginia; President, NADOHE - Convenor

  • ACE Plenary Session (8:00 - 9:00 AM) - Regency Ballroom, Lower Level, West Lobby
  • ACE Plenary Session (9:15 - 10:15 AM) - Regency Ballroom, Lower Level, West Lobby
    Book signing: The Ascent of Moneyby Niall Ferguson
  • Coffee in the Exhibit Hall. -Lower Level. West Lobby (10:15 - 10:45 AM)
  • NADOHE-ACE Co-Sponsored Session (10:45 - 12:15 PM ) - Hampton Room, East Lobby
    Responding to Future Competitiveness: The Urgency to Diversify the STEM Disciplines
    The access and success of minorities in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines continues to be an issue for American colleges and universities with significant implications for future workforce needs. Given the country's rapidly increasing racial and ethnic diversity and emerging economies in China and India, more diversity within the STEM pipeline is necessary to ensure America's future competitiveness. Panelists will discuss the challenges confronting the U.S. in its attempts to diversify STEM and implications for failing to act.

    William B. Harvey; Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity, University of Virginia; President, NADOHE- Introduction

    Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, President of UMBC (The University of Maryland, BaltimoreCounty)

    Cora Marrett, Assistant Director for the National Science Foundation, Education and Human Resources Directorate -Respondent

  • ACE Closing Plenary Luncheon (12:30 - 1:45 PM) - Regency Ballroom, Lower Level, West Lobby
  • NADOHE Presidents Panel (2:00 - 3:30 PM ) - Palladian Room, West Lobby
    The President as Champion of the Diversity Agenda: Leading By Example
    As the chief executive officers of their institutions, presidents are uniquely positioned to bring about significant institutional transformation, especially with regards to diversity and inclusion. Hence, the purpose of this panel is to bring together seasoned presidents who have experiences and thoughts about how best to champion a diversity course for institutions. How can presidents most effectively demonstrate their personal commitment to the diversity agenda?

    Njeri Nuru-Holm; Vice President for Institutional Diversity, ClevelandStateUniversity- Introduction

    Carol Ann Cartwright; President, Bowling GreenStateUniversity - Panel Moderator

    Nancy Cantor, Chancellor and President; SyracuseUniversity

    Ricardo R. Fernandez; President, LehmanCollege

    Brian K. Johnson; President, MontgomeryCollege

    NADOHE Concurrent Session#1: Assessing the Value of Campus Climate: Progress and Future Directions (3:45 - 5:15 PM) - Congressional Room A, West Lobby
    Campus climate is a measure - real or perceived - of a college or university environment as it relates to interpersonal, academic, and professional interactions. In this session, the presenter will synthesize existing climate research and introduce frameworks that will help participants develop an understanding of the ways in which higher education researchers are beginning to think about climate and effective assessment strategies.

    Abbie Robinson-Armstrong; Vice President for Intercultural Affairs
    LoyolaMarymountUniversity- Introduction

    Kimberly A. Griffin; Assistant Professor, College of Education, PennState

  • NADOHE Concurrent Session #2: Diversity and Internationalization: Cultivating Collaboration (3:45 - 5:15 PM) -Congressional Room B, West Lobby

    Historically, diversity and internationalization agendas in higher education have developed on different tracks and have been shaped by different ideologies. Today, emerging environmental forces are compelling higher education leaders to examine the intersection of diversity and internationalization. Therefore, the need exists for chief diversity officers to explore the opportunities presented by the intersection of diversity and internationalization, examine existing challenges, and identify creative ways to collaborate with others in addressing these challenges.

    Steve O. Michael; Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, KentStateUniversity - Panel Moderator

    Nicolette DeVille Christensen; Vice President, ArcadiaUniversity

    Yolanda Moses; Professor of Anthropology, Vice Provost for Conflict Resolution and Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Excellence and Diversity, University of California, Riverside

    Thomas R. Rios; Associate Vice President, Student Affairs, MichiganStateUniversity

  • NADOHE Concurrent Session #3: Emerging Chief Diversity Officers: Mapping Your Pathway to Success (3:45 - 5:15 PM) - Executive Room, West Lobby

    Many career paths and strategies can lead to the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) position. This session is designed for college and university professionals considering a career as a CDO. Hear panelists reflect on their personal journeys, followed by small group discussion opportunities with individual CDOs that describe the paths and development that led to their positions.

    Jeanne J. Arnold; Vice President for Inclusion and Equity, GrandValleyStateUniversity - Panel Moderator

    Toni D. Green; Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Johnson and WalesUniversity

    Jack T.F. Ling; Executive Director of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, CDO, University of Dayton

    William E. Walden; Professor and Special Assistant to the President, CDO, University of Illinois at Chicago

  • NADOHE Banquet (6:15 - 8:30 PM ) - Palladian Room, West Lobby
    Presentation of The Frank W. Hale, Jr. Diversity Leadership Award


Wednesday, February 11

  • NADOHE Networking Breakfast (8:00 - 9:30 AM ) - Palladian Room, West Lobby

     Transforming University Settings To Improve Achievement For 
    Under-represented Groups: The Problems And Promise of Stereotype Threat
    For the past 10 years psychologists have been studying how psychological threats to group identity perpetuate achievement gaps. For minority and other ability-stereotyped students, research shows that psychological threat arises from the concern that one could confirm a negative stereotype about the intellectual ability of one's group. This phenomenon is known as stereotype threat. Despite well established research on stereotype threat, racial and gender achievement gaps remain. This talk will summarize research on stereotype threat and recent interventions developed to mitigate its effects. This talk will conclude with a discussion of how diversity officers, policy makers, practitioners and researchers can partner to refocus research and interventions on access, persistence and success in higher education.

    Bruce A. King, Special Assistant to the President for Institutional Diversity, St.OlafCollege -Introduction

    Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, Assistant Professor, Psychology, ColumbiaUniversity

  • NADOHE Closing Session (9:45 - 11:30 AM ) - Palladian Room, West Lobby
    Cultivating Allies: Who's Advancing The Diversity Agenda?
    A CDO's leadership extends beyond the walls of the university. The CDO seeks to identify and engage local and national allies within the political arena to support and advance the diversity agenda. Panelists will discuss appropriate and effective strategies to identify allies and impact key political issues.

    Jim Renick: Chancellor Emeritus, North CarolinaA & T StateUniversity, Former Chancellor University of Michigan-Dearborn- Moderator

    Arnold L. Mitchem; President, Council for Opportunity in Education

    Gumecindo Salas; Vice President, Government Relations,Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities


For more information contact NADOHE at 561-472-8479.



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