Higher Education and Our Responsibility to Maintain Welcoming Campuses


Last week, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education withdrew the protections of transgender students under federal Title IX law. This may have an effect on the way universities and colleges across the nation interpret their policies or provide protections for transgender students on their respective campuses. This situation has caused fear and anxiety for many.

Now, more than ever, colleges and universities must hold fast to their values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our campuses need to be a safe and welcoming environment for members of our campus communities, and our transgender students must feel confident that they are welcomed members of our diverse student communities. Diversity is a strength and evidence demonstrates the educational benefits derived by having a student body that reflects our broader society. Higher education must not retreat from civil rights advancements. To do so will be detrimental to our students and society as a whole.

NADOHE will continue to monitor national events, and respond and provide guidance to the higher education community. As the preeminent voice for diversity in higher education, we urge higher education administrators to continue to provide protections and accommodations for transgender students and reinforce policies that protect students from discrimination and harassment. These are challenging times but in the face of these challenges, our resolve as educators to support our students, faculty and staff must be unwavering.