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If you are interested in serving on a NADOHE committee, please contact the committee chair or [email protected].


The Advancement Committee facilitates fund raising efforts in order to advance special projects and other work consistent with the association's mission.

Co-Chairs: Ricardo Nazario-Colón and Paulette Granberry Russell


The Awards Committee annually solicits and reviews nominations for NADOHE awards and collaboratively selects awardees.

Chair: Jason Kirksey


The Bylaws Committee reviews the Bylaws of the Association and recommends necessary changes to the Board of Directors. Any changes in the Bylaws recommended by the Committee must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors before submission to the membership during the Association's annual business meeting for ratification.

Co-Chairs: Joanne Woodard and Caroline Laguerre-Brown


The Conference Committee meets electronically for approximately eight months to plan and coordinate NADOHE's Annual Conference.  All committee members must also be available to play an active role in sub-committees.

Co-Chairs: Jeanne Arnold and Rich Salas


The Finance Committee ensures compliance with the Association’s Financial Policies and Procedures, reviews investment options and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, and monitors the Reserve Fund balance. 
Chair: Rich Salas

Global Engagement

The Global Engagement Committee reviews and suggests international opportunities and programs for NADOHE members and seeks to expand awareness and opportunities for international collaboration.
Chair: Annette Hay 


The Marketing Committee identifies opportunities to and develops strategies around increasing awareness about NADOHE and its mission.

Co-Chairs: Venessa Brown and Paulette Granberry Russell


The Membership Committee seeks to expand the institutional and individual membership of NADOHE.  The committee will work with the national Administrative Executive, the Treasurer, and Marketing Committee to grow NADOHE into a nation-wide membership based association.  The committee conducts it business via electronic media including conference calls.

Co-Chairs: Taffye Benson Clayton and Dennis Mitchell

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee implements the annual Board of Directors nominations and the biannual Officers elections in a transparent, inclusive, and timely manner, consistent with the NADOHE Bylaws. 
Chair: Michele Minter

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is dedicated to the identification of dynamic and relevant programming that promotes both the individual and institutional advancement of NADOHE's membership.

Co-Chairs: Clyde Pickett and Andristine Robinson


Public Policy

The Public Policy Committee of NADOHE is charged with reviewing those federal and state policies that impact on diversity and equity in higher education.

Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Ortiz and Michele Minter

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planning Committee monitors strategic plan implementation and facilitates the development of future strategic plans.

Co-Chairs: Lisa Givan and Joanne Woodard