NADOHE Chapters


NADOHE Chapters exist to strengthen the common goal of inclusive excellence in higher education on a local, state, regional, and special interest level.


*Inclusion in a world-wide organization dedicated to advancing diversity in higher education;

*Serving as a conduit from NADOHE to the Chapter’s constituents for information, programs, materials, and events related to higher education diversity as well as from those constituents to NADOHE for ideas, interest, and enthusiasm for the field;

*Developing geographically-convenient or special interest networks of diversity officers and experts with common concerns and goals; and

*Enjoying the assistance of NADOHE in formation and operations.


Organizations wishing to become a chapter of NADOHE should please contact the NADOHE office at 561-472-8479.


Please contact the NADOHE office at 561-472-8479.


NADOHE serves as the preeminent voice for diversity officers in higher education by supporting our collective efforts to lead our institutions toward the attainment of the following goals:

  • Produce and disseminate empirical evidence through research to inform diversity initiatives
  • Identify and circulate exemplary practices
  • Provide professional development for current and aspiring diversity officers
  • Inform and influence national and local policies
  • Create and foster networking opportunities

Leading Higher Education Towards Inclusive Excellence