2023 Call for Session Proposals

2023 National Association for Diversity Officers in Higher Education Annual Conference
Delivering on the Promise: Enhancing Structural Equity to Promote Justice for All

Proposals closed October 24, 2022


Higher education continues to uphold inherent biases that maintain advantages for some and produce disadvantages for others. Therefore, it is critical for diversity officers and institutional leaders to identify and implement effective strategies to strengthen structural equity on college and university campuses. Structural equity requires leaders to examine the institutional practices that manifest inequities across various campus communities.


While political and societal pressures threaten to hamper the progress of diversity officers and others committed to leading with equity, it is critically urgent for practitioners and academics alike to continue in their resolve to dismantle systemic barriers so that more students, faculty, and staff can find success in higher education and beyond. As such, it is vital for diversity professionals, as well as institutional leaders, to focus on implementing policies that advance anti-racism and cultivate racial equity. 

This year’s NADOHE Conference will highlight the policies, programs, practices, and processes that should be examined and enacted in order to create lasting change on college campuses. With a focus on structural equity and anti-racism, submissions from 4-year colleges and universities, community colleges, Tribal Colleges and Universities, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions, and Minority-Serving Institutions are encouraged. 

Proposals may address the following broad topics:

  • Strategies to strengthen structural equity
  • Intersections of race and other identities
  • Faculty recruitment, retention, and promotion
  • Staff recruitment, retention, and promotion
  • Protests and crisis management
  • Anti-bias training and professional development
  • Racism / anti-racism in global contexts
  • Curricula and course development


NADOHE seeks proposals for concurrent sessions.  Sessions can be based on theory and/or research, but presentations are strongly encouraged to have an applied/practitioner perspective. Proposals may be submitted for one of the following two formats:



1. Deep Dive/Case and/or Research Study (75 minutes: 60-minute presentation)
  • a. Deep Dive - A highly interactive presentation given by 1 or 2 content leaders, developing skills centered around anti-racism and equity through collaborative learning.
  • b. Case/Research Study – An academic presentation given by 1 content leader, with option up to 3 scholars, presenting perspective around a specific topic centered around anti-racism and equity.

2. Express Talk (20 minutes)

  • A “TED” style talk given by a content leader that explores a single idea with practical tips through story telling centered around anti-racism and equity.


Proposals submitted for a specific track, please indicate your selected track from the following:

  • Health Equity –provides an opportunity for Diversity Officers and leaders advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice across health professions, education institutions and organizations to engage in robust conversations that facilitate sharing of best practices, strategies, and tools.
  • Academic Diversity Officer (ADO) – focuses on defining the ADO role, sharing the lived experience, challenges, and opportunities for an ADO, and exploring how their responsibilities are defined by the mission of their academic unit structure, leadership, and the Chief Diversity Officer. 


By submitting a proposal, you agree to present in-person at the 2023 Annual Conference.


For more information about the conference refer to www.nadohe.org.

We look forward to your submissions.


Proposals closed October 24, 2022.