2021 NADOHE Board of Directors Nominations 

The 2021 NADOHE Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors is seeking nominations to fill ­­­­six seats on the Board of Directors.  To ensure we have representation from the various types of member institutions and CDOs passionate about the full range of issues addressed by our organization, your participation is needed in this important process.  Please nominate an individual, who serves as Vice President for Diversity or the Chief Diversity Officer (or similar designee) and whose institution is an NADOHE member, for this important role. Click here to view a list of current NADOHE institutional members. Click here to view a current list of board members.

Only Vice Presidents for Diversity or Chief Diversity Officers (or similar designee) serving at NADOHE member institutions can submit nominations. Self-nominations are welcome. Please note the following segment of the NADOHE Bylaws:

Article III, Section 1 - Powers of the Board

The affairs of the Corporation shall be managed, supervised and controlled by the Board of Directors, which shall be responsible for the overall policy and direction of the corporation.  Further, the Board of Directors shall manage, supervise and control the business, property, and affairs of the Corporation, except as otherwise expressly provided by law, the Articles of Incorporation or the Corporation. Directors need not be residents of the District of Columbia. 

Criteria for Service on the Board of Directors

Persons nominated for membership on the Board of Directors must:

  • Serve as the Vice President of Diversity or Chief Diversity Officer (or similar designee) at their college or university;
  • Be a current member in good standing;
  • Have been a member of NADOHE for a minimum of two years;
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of work experience as a Vice President for Diversity or Chief Diversity Officer (or similar designee) in higher education;
  • Be able to serve a three-year term on the Board, except in those instances when the Director is completing the term of a previous Board member who had to depart early due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Be able to attend Board meetings two to three times annually; and
  • Promote the vision of NADOHE: To lead higher education towards inclusive excellence through institutional transformation.

Please submit your nominations here by December 16, 2020.

Nominations and Election Timetable:

November 20, 2020: Call for Nominations 
December 16, 2020: Close Nominations
Jan 8, 2021: Disseminate Electronic Ballot of the Slate of Nominees to Members
January 22, 2021: Close Voting Ballot
January 29, 2021: Notify Candidates of Election Results
March 10, 2021: Present Slate of Nominees to Board of Directors
March 12, 2021: New Board Members Take Oath of Office During Virtual Annual Membership Meeting 


Nominating Committee: 

Tiffenia Archie, Temple University, PA - [email protected]

Brigit Carter, Duke University School of Nursing, NC - [email protected]

Regina Dixon-Reeves, University of Chicago, IL - [email protected]

Ronnie Dunn, Cleveland State University, OH - [email protected]

Kristi Kelly, Lewis University, IL - [email protected]

Michelle Madden, USF - Diversity, Inclusion and Equality, FL - [email protected]

Kevin McDonald, University of Virginia, VA - [email protected]



For more information, please contact nominations committee chair Michele Minter, [email protected]